Amplify Mobilise

An opportunity for civil society in South Africa.

Looking to learn and join a community of online communication change-makers from civil society? 

Amplify Mobilise Change is a DG Murray Trust innovation project designed to help South African civil society shift its thinking about and develop more creative, impactful and efficient online communication and technology practices.

Amplify Mobilise Change offers two streams for civil society-based communication practitioners wanting to upskill and engage more with online and technology: our learning programmes and open workshops.

Our Learning Programme

Our popular, flagship, seven-month long Learning Programme runs every year from March to November. We cover core areas like communication planning, content strategy, audience research, campaigning and more. Visit the Learning Programme page  for more info. Applications are open from February to mid March every year. We also have a self-paced toolkit modules for practitioners who don’t participate in our 7-month learning programme available soon. 

Our open WORKSHOP sessions

Every month we run a virtual workshop, open to anyone in civil society who wants to learn new skills, solve strategic or practical issues and find new ways of doing things with online communication and technology. Find out more on the Open Workshop page.

Since 2019, over 120 South African organisations have participated in our flagship programme. We count over 300 practitioners in our network – and we are growing!

100% of our alumni report immediate and meaningful improvements to their online communication work and feel better equipped to lead change.

Our team and content and workshop contributors are dynamic and diverse with specialists from civil society, tech and design, academia, education, publishing and activism.

What our alumni have to say about our learning programmes


Now in our fourth year, our core team of digital content and communication specialists from civil society, business and education lead the programme. We also work with tech and communication contributors – from activists, academics, social development and social justice practitioners and campaigners.

Emma O'Shaughnessy

Emma O’Shaughnessy is our project lead. She designed the project, and our learning methodology and approach. She is the lead content contributor and teacher and is responsible for all project management. Emma has a PhD in South African literature and modernity from UCT, and more than a 20 year history in broadcast, technology, online media, education and social development. Emma thrives on learning, new ideas and collaboration and brings a passion for transformation and new ways of doing things to her work, relationships and to her teaching.

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Pumza Marubelela

Pumza Marubelela is our programme manager. She assists programme participants in their learning and mentorship cycles, maintaining their engagement and workflows. She is also a content contributor and core facilitator. Pumza hails from UCT with a degree in Media, Writing and Politics. She thrives on collaboration and curating the best experience for participants on the programme. With over ten years in communication roles, Pumza is a creative whose passion for social justice and strategy helps others flourish.

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